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      -- About Us --
      About Us

      Established in 1997,Guangzhou WATCHMAN Electronic Technology co.,ltd is a large high tech enterprise specialised in R & D,manufacturing and supply,and marketing of product in security and surveillence electronics.Our high quality CCTV product and well designed system have been widely used,and popular through out the country and currently spreading over 30 countries and areas.WATCHMAN concentrates on the technology trends and development in CCTV and earns a great reputation in the industry,with our strong capacity in core technology innovation,full-line standarized production(ISO9001:2008). We are one of the second to none professional group companies with years of experience in large multi-system integration,excellent domestic and global stategy

      Located in the renowed "Guangzhou Science City" (GSC, new high tech area) in Guangzhou, China, WATCHMAN group has been engaged in the ......

      -- Latest products --
      -- Successful case --
      Guangzhou Wancheng Wanchong
      Beijing research institute of public works construction
      Erdos China Coal Energy
      Shiqi government service center in Zhongshan City
      Jiangxi Jiuzhoutong Pharmaceutical CO., LTD
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